Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bat Dream

At the supermarket
a new display of bats on sale

the small size rips open with a tear strip
like the resealable bags of shredded cheese
a little plastic ripcord
and inside a honeycomb of bat packaging

the bats fly out
the speed of hummingbird wings
like pouring out the cremated on wind
and the air zips with bat wings

the medium size
packaged with egg carton
and frozen for freshness
a three-pack of bats
each a winged little fetus

and the large size bat
hangs from a hooked claw
like an obscene hairless chew toy

and I'm relieved because
I get one at last
before they sell out
and I tuck the naked urchin
under my arm
to be resurrected at home
with warm water

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