Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Birthday Cake

The intruder enters the front door
during the wine and cheese party.
The guests turn to me to do something
before someone gets killed.

The hostess of the party leads me to her bedroom
where she keeps her bullet drawer.
Right above the sock drawer,
the bullet drawer contains rows of bullets,
all dressed in colorful knit outfits
like finger puppets.

I undress six of the bullets and load my gun.
I return to the party to kill the intruder;
I discover the intruder has transformed
into my boyhood dog,
but she is old and sick.
The execution has become a mercy killing
to put the dog out of her misery.

She doesn't know what's happening
as I put the gun to the back of her head.
I pull the trigger several times,
but the gun does not fire.
It only makes flat-sounding thuds.
I open the gun to discover
the chamber is clogged with birthday cake.

Read more in Pop-Up Book of Death.

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